Posted on Oct 31, 2018

The Impact of Company-Branded Stationery

The term 'business stationery' is often perceived as office supplies like pens, paperclips and notebooks. Many don’t immediately think of its purpose in marketing, as the print medium in which businesses communicate with customers and business partners. Company-branded stationery may seem like a simple branding strategy, but it goes a long way toward strengthening your corporate image.

Learn how to design custom envelopes and letterhead to differentiate your brand from competitors – a crucial component for running a business in a world where many companies offer similar services.

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The Importance of Custom Envelopes

In today’s digital age, businesses are relying more on electronic communication to reach out to customers. When customers do receive a mailed letter, it catches their attention – but the first thing they notice isn’t the letter, it’s the envelope.

Businesses spend a lot of time designing marketing material, but it’s easily overlooked when delivered in a plain envelope. Custom envelopes spark interest, and they showcase an added layer of attention to detail. This cohesive brand experience can help you define your professional identity and credibility to the public.  That matters. 

Designing Your Envelopes

The most common envelope size is the #10 envelope. Add your company’s name, logo and slogan to the envelope to make it stand out in a stack of mail.

Whether you’re going for a minimalistic or intricate design, the use of color in your business envelopes will capture the customer’s attention and encourage them to open it. Change things up with an unconventional design – like a solid block of color or pattern along the bottom of the envelope. 

Stand Out with Custom Letterhead

For a cohesive look, print custom letterhead that matches your business envelopes. When customers recognize your brand at every step, they’ll feel more comfortable and confident working with your business.

Custom letterhead shows a level professionalism – it demonstrates that you took the time and effort to construct the message and that it’s worth reading. It gives off the impression that your business is well established, making it easier to close deals and land larger contracts.

Qualities of Ideal Business Letterhead

The header and footer of your letterhead is often the only graphic element in the letter – which is why it’s important to use a unique design. Choose brand-appropriate colors that will support your message, rather than ones that will distract from it.

Stay consistent with your company’s branding standards, like logo placement, font type and size. Draw the reader’s eyes to the name of your company by making it the largest text – the font size of the other elements in your letterhead content hierarchy should get smaller from there, such as 14-18 pt for your tagline, and 10-12 pt for contact information. To turn your communications into works of art, consider including a border in the design to frame the text in your letter. 

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Functions of Letterhead

Business letterhead has a variety of purposes. Consider the most common purposes and recipients of mail that comes from your business, and design multiple letterhead styles that are relevant to each intended audience.

The four main functions of letterhead include:

  • Standard: used for all company administration purposes
  • Specialized: reserved for a specific department of a company
  • Custom: generally used by a single entity or one specific person
  • Executive: designed for someone holding a director position or higher

For each letterhead type, include the relevant information and supporting elements in your design. The company tagline, business address and larger design elements are great to include in messaging intended to attract new clients. Letterhead for custom communications with existing clients is better fit for including the specific sender of the letter, their contact number and email.

In the customer’s mind, high-quality business stationery is correlated with high-quality products or services. It’s a silent yet powerful marketing tool used to convert prospective customers into loyal ones.  


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