Posted on Mar 13, 2019

6 Poster Design Ideas that Stand Out

Marketing with posters is a tried and true way to get eyes on your message. To ensure that your posters will have the effect that you intend, the design needs to pop. 

Whether you are creating your own business posters from scratch or customizing a professional poster template, take a look at our top ideas for posters that will stand out. 

Poster Design Idea #1: Clean and Balanced

For many industries and businesses, a simple design is more effective than a creative one. Remember, simple does not mean boring. An uncomplicated design can actually be quite attractive, and it’s an excellent way to tell a single message (i.e. one product/service/idea) in a clear and digestible way.

You can create a strong message with three basic elements: a block of color, a single photo and a standard font. This approach is great for brands that prioritize professionalism, quality and ease of use.

Tip: Hook readers with a clear headline such as a problem statement or intriguing offer. 

Poster design template, simple CBP1
Design: Simple Line Dental 

Poster Design Idea #2: Make Attractive Details Pop

It should only take 3 seconds or less for a viewer to understand the content of your ad and determine whether or not it appeals to them. The headline, which is usually the largest text element in your design, is important, but alone it’s not enough for a viewer to make a decision.

The key selling features are highly valuable, and should stand out visually in your design.

Tip: Figure out what is more attractive to your audience. It might not be the date, location or the price. Maybe it’s the unique selling proposition – the why behind what you’re promoting. Why should they care? 

Poster design template, color accent CBP1

Design: Color Filter

Poster Design Idea #3: Vibrant Stencil Cutout

Stencil styling is very on-trend in today’s graphic design. It allows you to use vibrant colors, patterns or imagery without overpowering a design. 

The design is created by layering solid white stencil grids or block lettering over a contrasting background of patterns, colors or a solid image. The design can also be reversed so that the stencil or text shows the colorful background.

Tip: To let this unique design feature stand out, don’t introduce any other imagery or new colors into your poster design. 

Poster design template, overlay stencil CBP1

Design: Linear Triangle Motif

Poster Design Idea #4: Do Backgrounds Differently

When it comes to the background of your design, solid colors or artistic treatment provides a simple backdrop for your story. Backgrounds featuring imagery or contextual illustrations add to the story.

And when you take a creative approach to your background, one that combines artistry with relevancy, you give your design layers of meaning.

Check out the creative yet subtle paper background design in this beach-inspired poster. What can you come up with for your brand? 

Tip: Choose large font sizes. Readability is more important than getting every detail on the poster, especially if readers can refer to your website. 

Poster design template, contextual background CBP1

Design: Papercut Beach

Poster Design Idea #5: Shapes Reveal Subject

Similar to the stencil style, distinct visual contrast can also be used to create a relevant shape. Choose a shape that’s related to your industry, and use a solid fill treatment to make it pop.  

Make the shape as big as possible in your design for maximum impact, and solid fill the negative space with one color to create a simple silhouette. This unique background will give your posters context and style, while still providing the simple canvas you need to let your message speak clearly. 

Tip: Before going to print, run a creative design by a test audience first, like your coworkers, to make sure you hit the mark.  

Poster design template, background shapes CBP1

Design: Lemon Spray

Poster Design Idea #6: Repetition

Repetition creates familiarity, and it also creates unity. In design, repeated words, shapes or colors capture our attention.

On the surface, repetition in design may make it seem cluttered. But because the repeated elements are the same or similar, the design remains digestible.

In your poster design, repetition allows you to use many small, similar elements to create a design that is attractive and intriguing, without being overwhelming. 

Tip: Create a template that's versatile so that you can easily repurpose the design for different campaigns. 

Poster design template, repetition CBP1

Design: Trees & Tent

Posters are an easy, cost-effective tool that provides a direct impact for your business. If you're promoting an event, a product or service, or building awareness, add posters to your marketing mix. 

Ready to start customizing a professional poster template or print your own?


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