Posted on Jan 9, 2019

Event Marketing with Custom Postcards

Planning an event is one of the more venturous marketing efforts you’ll undertake as a business. Successfully marketing your event is the difference between a full house and a no-show.
Postcards are one of the most convenient and effective ways to advertise an event. Like everything you do to run your business – having a strategy behind your postcards will go a long way. Read through these event marketing tips to design a postcard that will bring a crowd. 

1. Determine Your Audience 

The first step to designing a postcard to promote your event comes long before you actually design your postcard. You need to figure out who your audience is. Rather than trying to target all of your customers, tailor your strategy to the group who are most likely to attend your event. For example: 
  • For your customer appreciation sale: Target your most loyal 5-25% of customers 
  • For your new location opening: Target the group of customers in your database who live within five miles of your new location 
  • For your townhome open house: Target families with 1-2 young children shopping for a starter home 
Understanding your audience is essential. Once you know who they are, shape your marketing to suit their demographic, their needs and their ideals. 
Postcard event marketing, know your audience

2. Craft Intriguing Event Messaging 

When writing your event messaging, you need to pack a punch. Provide enough information to inspire the reader in as few words as possible – each word should have purpose. Consider the following when writing event messaging for your postcard: 
  • What size postcard will you create: As a rule of thumb: the bigger the event, the bigger the postcard.

  • What are the event highlights? Include the key points in your postcard, but leave the details for your event website. (It’ll save space in print and drive traffic online!) 

  • What 1 or 2 descriptors differentiate your event from others like it? Make those prominent and visible in your event headline
    • Take these examples: Outdoor Fitness Bootcamp; Summer Robotics Challenge; The Sustainable Building Conference. 
Including the intriguing differentiators of your event will be the tipping point that motivates the right audience to sign up. 
Postcard event marketing, write intriguing messaging

3. Create an Attractive Design

When event marketing with postcards, your ad design essentially doubles as an invitation. Make it one you’d want to RSVP “Yes” to! 
Design with lively, on-brand colors. Use easy-to-read, large font for your headings. Include your company or event logo (if you have one) to boost recognition. 

Be smart with your postcard design as well:
  • If you will be distributing via direct mail, be sure to leave the appropriate white space on the back.
  • Make your postcard success measurable. Incorporate a promo code, trackable vanity URL or a dedicated phone extension in your postcard design to associate leads accordingly.
  • Incentivize your postcard design with a bonus offer or feature a product that will be promoted at your event. 

Postcard event marketing, attractive and practical design

Complete your postcard design with a clear, bold call-to-action. Make it time sensitive with early-bird pricing or upsell by offering a group rate. 

Whether you’re promoting an open house, a charity gala or a professional-development workshop – custom postcards are just the ticket to get people in the door, if there is strategy in your design. 

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