Posted on Oct 22, 2018

Unexpected Uses for Business Cards

Yes, business cards are the tried and true networking tool. With their simple design, convenient size and conventional structure of contact information, it's no wonder why. 
But next time you create business cards online, recognize all their potential beyond the meet and greet. Check out these ideas to design and order business cards for a variety of other valuable marketing and merchandising purposes. 

1. Packaging & Hang Tags 

If you sell goods, you can enhance your merchandising in a professional way by customizing business card templates for your packaging. 
Simply punch a hole through the top of your vertically oriented card design to show shoppers you care about more than just the price tag. Personalize both sides with your logo, tagline or creative message, or leave the back blank to handwrite your pricing. 
You can also staple these business cards to your retail shopping bags or take-out bags for a finishing touch that’ll inspire customers to return. Refresh them seasonally to always stay current.
Unexpected uses for business cards, product labeling hang tags

2. Event Invitations

Small-scale events don’t necessarily warrant big, verbose, individually enveloped invitations. If you're promoting an upcoming sale or an informal entertaining event, handing out business card-sized invitations is economical and all you need. 

Encourage recipients to hang on to your invitation with a bonus offer, like "Present this invite during the event for a complimentary gift!" 
Unexpected uses for business cards, event invitations 2

3. Thank You Inserts

Small efforts make a difference, and thanking customers for their business is always appreciated. Customize a business card design with a simple message of appreciation that will complement your product packaging. You can even include a special promotional offer in your cards to encourage repeat purchases.
Place it on top so that it's the first thing your customers see when they open up their order. 
Unexpected uses for business cards, thank you cards

4. Coupons

Business cards are wallet sized, which is handy for a set of coupon cards. Customize the design template for your newest promotion and do a big distribution push to drive traffic to your store or website. 

Great for:
  • Referral programs with local partnering businesses
  • Quick distribution at high-traffic areas to promote a new product or discount
  • Distribute with every in-store purchase, 'Enjoy 10% off your next online purchase' 
Be sure to include an expiry date in your card design!
Unexpected uses for business cards, custom coupon cards

5. Loyalty Cards

The best way to get return customers? Provide a positive, valuable experience. The second best way? Give them an incentive. Loyalty cards are excellent for retail and food shops. Again, business cards offer the ideal size – customers can collect stamps, stickers or punch holes as they go, and store the card in their wallet. 

Customize the text with the offering that makes the most sense for your business. Then distribute them in store and watch your loyal customers return time and time again. 
Unexpected uses for business cards, custom loyalty cards
Successful businesses are innovative, creative and hard working. With a little imagination, business cards can do a lot more than just get your name out there. They can get your message – whatever that may be – into the hands and minds of your customers at every opportunity. 

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