Posted on Dec 21, 2018

Yes, Make a Banner for These 5 Occasions

It’s a given – running a business comes with a packed schedule. Whether you’re hiring staff, working with suppliers, running inventory or making big-picture plans – every day’s a busy one.

When it comes to marketing, you can save valuable time (and money) by employing the right advertising strategy for the occasion.

Got something big to say? Custom banners will get the job done.  Let’s look into five common occasions when vinyl banners will be the most effective for your business.

1. To Promote a Grand Opening

Ever driven past a plaza you’ve passed dozens of times and found yourself wondering if that particular restaurant has been there for years – or days? Our memories aren’t perfect, and storefronts tend to blend together.

Large banners are essential for grand opening events. Whether this is your debut location or the most recent expansion, you’ll need to capture the attention of those driving or walking by. With eye-catching signage over the doorway that says “Grand Opening” or “Open for Business,” you’ll attract people to stop by and check you out.

Remember: A grand opening is only grand for so long. Be sure to only leave this banner up for a set time period so that customers know you’re keeping up-to-date.

Print banners for grand openings COSBP1

2. To Advertise a Seasonal Sale

What better way to bring customers in the door than with a sale? Make sure people know about it – go big with your signage. Create custom banners with the enticing promotion message, in words as broad or as specific as you like.

Customize banners by season (e.g. “Summer Sale On Now”) or promotion (e.g. “30% off Bedding, One Week Only”), depending on what makes the most sense for your marketing practices. 

Keep the design template consistent across your series of banners to boost recognition, regardless of the message.  

3. To Send a Message

Always keep your customers in the loop. If there’s an important message that they should know, vinyl banners are an excellent way to communicate it. Relevant scenarios: 

If your business is moving to a new location, create a “We’re Moving” banner with the new address and opening date. That will ensure that passersby will know what’s going on even if they haven’t stopped in for a while. In addition, create a “Coming Soon” banner at the new location to create a buzz around your arrival.

Operating in a construction zone? It's a common problem. If your building is under construction but you're still open for business, let people know. Create and display an eye-catching outdoor banner to inform customers that you are “Open During Construction” – they’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

4. To Guide the Public at Outdoor Events

Vinyl banners are ideal for advertising and wayfinding at special events – particularly outdoor ones. Banners work well for: 

  • Sporting events
  • Charity fundraisers and volunteer days
  • Outdoor shows and concerts
  • Street fairs or community barbecues
  • Parades and celebrations
  • Holiday events and cultural celebrations

When you display hanging banners on-location at your event, you accomplish two key things:

  1. You help attendees find the exact meeting point.
  2. You bring awareness of the event to the general public who pass by. 

Create event banners and print COSBP2

5. To Brand Your Booth at Fairs, Markets and Conferences 

Finally, custom banners are the portable signage solution. Without any promotion or specific message, every business should have on-brand company banners made so they’re ready for upcoming events. 

Banners are a booth essential. Whether you’re meeting potential hires at a job fair or selling your goods at a local farmers’ market, booth signage draws people in and makes the necessary brand connection. Create a few options to keep on hand – with different sizes and background colors. 

And if it isn’t obvious based on your company name, be sure to include the type of organization you are.

Ready to make a banner for the upcoming event in your calendar? Upload your design to print or personalize a professional banner template with your logo, company name and message.


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