Posted on Sep 20, 2018

Marketing a New Product or Service

In today’s market, businesses remain competitive by regularly improving and extending their product and service lines. The launch of these products and services is critical – it can make-or-break a business. 

If your company is more mature, your focus will be to attract existing and new customers with a launch strategy that strengthens recognition and revenue. For companies that are starting out, your introduction will generate brand awareness and define your position in the marketplace.

Among the array of marketing strategies available to you, traditional brochures continue to be an effective advertising tool. Learn more about the unique value of brochures here.

Let's look at four ways to use custom brochures to draw your customers' attention to your new product or service.

1. Maintaining Brand Identity

The foundation of a successful business is a solid understanding of your brand positioning and values – and the incorporation of them into your everyday business decisions. When marketing a new product or service, be consistent with your brand identity. 

Customers must be able to associate your new commodity with the existing qualities of your brand. Highlight the differentiating aspects of the new addition using language, visual design and an overall tone that resonates with your style guide. Include your mission statement and how your new product or service ties in with it.

Costco brochures allow you to customize a professional pamphlet template, or you can upload and print a custom design that features your exact brand colors, fonts and styling. 

Market a new service, spa brochure design 1 

2. Importance of the Target Audience

Your primary target market are the customers who make repeat purchases, are loyal to your company, and recommend your brand to their network. Knowing your target market allows you to effectively communicate your marketing message about your new product or service. 

Strategies to identify your target market include:

  • Look at your current customers and why they buy from you
  • Look at your competitors and take note of the strengths and weaknesses of their marketing
  • Think about demographic factors (e.g. age, location, gender, income)
  • Consider psychographics (e.g. personality, attitudes, lifestyle)

Design your brochure to appeal to your target market. An organic supermarket promoting a new delivery service, for example, could use a template that features fresh, nature-inspired color and include images, headlines and text that highlight a healthy and active lifestyle.

Market a new product, brochure template food 1

Make it easy for your target market to respond by including your contact information and even a map of your location(s).

In addition, personalized mail on coordinating letterhead can be sent to existing customers to exclusively introduce them to your new product or service.

3. Promote Key Features

One of the key pillars of marketing is to promote the features and benefits of a product line – which is especially important for new innovations. Focus on your unique selling propositions (USPs) to:

  1. Identify and communicate how the product or service solves a problem for customers
  2. Differentiate your product from competitors offering similar products

For example, a fitness center that’s introducing a personal training service might promote features like tiered pricing, flexible scheduling, personalized goal setting, and a proven ability to achieve desired results. 

Costco offers a range professionally designed brochure templates that offer various ways to present your key features. Use a numbered list or separate each line of text with some white space to improve readability, and include benefits-oriented headings to capture attention. 

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4. Give Them a Reason to Act Now

You’ve introduced your new product or service and outlined its key benefits to your target market – so what’s next?

The ultimate objective is to motivate and guide them to take action, whether that's to register online for the workshop you offer or to call and schedule a photography consultation with you. When wording your call-to-action: 

  • Emphasize low risk: Send product samples or invitations for trial periods to reduce uncertainty about the purchase
  • Re-state the key benefit: Describe how taking the action will improve an aspect of their life 
  • Use powerful wording: Phrases like Book a demo today!” or “Spots fill up quick” create a sense of urgency that increases conversion

Take it a step further: Consider hosting a pre-launch event to strengthen relationships with loyal customers. They'll get the special opportunity to test a product or service before it's released to the public. As you prepare for it, be sure to order extra business cards so that guests can share your brand with their network.

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In strategic coordination with your other marketing efforts, brochures can have a great impact in generating awareness, interest and sales for the new product or service you're offering. Our brochure maker is easy to use, so get started today to make your next launch a winner. 


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