Posted on May 6, 2019

How to Use Outdoor Yard Signs Effectively

Yard signs are an excellent tool to have in your print marketing tool belt. Made of weather-resistant corrugated plastic with sturdy metal H-stakes included, they are well equipped to display your messages in any outdoor setting. 

While they are highly versatile, these signs lend themselves particularly well to certain businesses and occasions. Discover these below, and the top tips for how to create effective yard signs for each scenario. 

1. Outdoor Yard Signs for Events

Finding your way to an event location, especially if the location has multiple buildings and entrances, isn’t always easy. Provide ample wayfinding yard signs at key placements around the event location to make the experience seamless for attendees.

Make the most of this convenient sign option by keeping the message simple and using arrows. Be sure to include the event name and use on-brand colors for a recognizable design. Making double-sided yard signs? Great! Ensure that the arrows on the front and back of the signs are pointing to the same edge of the printed sign to avoid confusion when viewed from either side.

Personal events: Follow the same principles for personal events like garage sales to draw people in.  

Yard signs for business events, CBP1

Design: Color Banner

2. Yard Signs for Contractors and Residential Services

The most common place you’ll see yard signs is—you guessed it—in yards! That’s why they’re a great option for promoting home services like roofing, driveway paving, lawn care or landscaping businesses. 

If you run a business like this, offer a yard sign to each of your happy clients to kindly ask if they’ll help you promote your business by displaying it. Neighbors and passersby will see your business sign, then immediately be able to see a real-world example of the quality of work you produce. 

You can even offer a small discount off your service to clients who are willing to display the lawn sign.

Lawn care yard signs, CBP1

Design: Wood Texture

3. Real Estate Signs

Real estate agencies are well-versed in the world of yard signs. On Saturdays and Sundays, they dot the front lawns of just about every open house on the market. A straightforward “Open House” design with your agency logo and an arrow can be used time and time again.

But to attract the relevant audience, customize the real estate signs to showcase the highlights of the particular home you’re selling. Include a key selling feature like, ‘Newly Renovated’ or ‘3 Bedroom’ to get the right home buyers to your door.

Choose a real estate yard sign design like Arrow or House Silhouette that allows you to feature a photo of the home to excite viewers.

4. Campaign Yard Signs

Running for local office? Get your name out there with vibrant, simple campaign signs. You surely won’t be the only candidate competing for the community’s attention, so ensure that the most important element – your name – is in large, readable font. Feature your party’s color if relevant, and consider adding your photo to humanize your campaign and make yourself memorable.

You know your community and its citizens well. Use that to your advantage when determining the optimal intersections to display your campaign signs. Don't forget to offer signs to your campaign volunteers and supporters so they can advocate for you in their neighborhood.

Campaign yard signs, CBP1

Design: Winter Adventure

Want to build awareness in your community? Start creating your custom yard signs today. 


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