Posted on Nov 28, 2018

Get the Message Out: Flyer Distribution Tips

There are a plethora of marketing channels available to convey your brand to customers. Whether you're promoting a community event or a special product offer, it’s crucial to break through the clutter that customers are exposed to everyday. 

Flyers offer various benefits for your business – all at a low cost. Printed flyers can reach a large audience segment, generate high-value responses, and they have the tangibility that is more easily remembered by customers than digital ads on a screen.

Increase customer engagement with these distribution tips for your custom flyers.

1. Creating a Distribution Plan

Before you begin distributing your flyers, one thing you’ll need is a distribution plan. This will provide you with a clear understanding of your goals and strategies – and the course of action required to execute them.

A successful distribution plan outlines:

  • Campaign type and goals
  • Target audience
  • Target areas and placements
  • Timeline (frequency of distribution and replenishment)

Once you have examined each element and developed your approach, you’re one step closer to connecting with the right customers.

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2. Flyer Distribution Methods for Every Industry

Don't let your messaging fall on deaf ears. Set yourself up for a good response rate with demographic and geographic targeting. Identify the customers who will benefit most from your service, and distribute your flyers in areas that are well-frequented by that audience segment.

Ways to distribute flyers for your industry:

  • Events: Hang them around the venue - or hand out in places where you can interact with your target audience
  • Education: Partner with local schools and community centers to post on their boards (e.g. to promote a summer camp)
  • Fast food and restaurants: Use direct mail to inform customers who reside in the area about special promotions or locations
  • Selling a product or service: Display your flyers on checkout counters, reception desks or other waiting areas – or distribute through newspapers and publications, which are credible sources of information

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3. Time of Year

Equally as important as the who and the where of your flyer distribution targeting, is the when. The right time to distribute flyers depends on your industry. Essentially, you want your brand to be visible at the cusp of the time when your customers would be considering your product or service.

For example, prime time for advertising your lawn mowing business would be the start of spring, early enough to catch customers and build loyalty over the busy season. 

4. Watch Out For... 

Weather: Although Costco flyers have a protective aqueous coating, it's good practice to check the weather forecast before hanging your flyers outdoors to get the most longevity out of them. 

Restrictions: Refer to your local laws surrounding flyer advertising to avoid legal consequences or fines. Some states restrict flyer distribution on city light poles, mailboxes and local schools and public buildings.

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4. Building a Team

By hiring a team to distribute flyers, you’re able to focus on other aspects of the business. If you’re on a tight budget, ask your friends and family or recruit students who are looking for a part-time job. Get employees from your company on board – minimal training is required since they’ve familiarized themselves with the brand.

Once you’re ready to pass the distribution process to an external team, hire a specialized agency that manages it from beginning to end. They’re composed of experts who provide quality services, like GPS tracking to monitor their progress in real time.

Your local postal service is another option if you’re targeting across several urban or suburban areas. They deliver to millions of people and have access to apartments and high-rises

5. Include a Digital Aspect

Track the effectiveness of flyer marketing to determine if the benefits outweigh the costs. Include a specific discount code, QR code, website URL, email address or phone number on the flyer to measure the amount of leads generated and revenue brought in over time. Improve your company’s return on investment by having both physical and digital copies of the flyer and maximizing on your most receptive audience.

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Flyers are a tried and true marketing tool that continues to yield powerful results.


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