Posted on Oct 11, 2018

5 Ideas for Eye-Catching Flyer Designs

While brochures are a great choice for overall brand awareness pieces, flyers – like postcards – are a smart option for promoting a particular service, event or product. The intent of a flyer is visible at a glance, but they’re large enough that you can include a valuable amount of information in an attractive, creative layout.

Here are our top tips for designing eye-catching flyers for your business.

1. Be Very Clear About What You’re Promoting

If awareness is among your top 10 objectives for your business flyers, never doubt the value of a clear, large headline. It’s essential for quick recognition, understanding and consideration.

If the name of your product, event or company is not instantly recognizable, immediately follow it with a short descriptor in your flyer design.

In terms of font typeface, find the right balance between readability and creativity. And keep your intended distribution methods in mind when selecting font sizes. Direct mail or handout flyers can afford a slightly smaller headline font than a display board flyer.

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2. Use Icons or Product Imagery to Add Visual Interest

Certain types of flyer content lends nicely to iconography. A service list containing 3-5 offerings is more engaging and attractive if each service is represented visually with an icon. Upload your own icons or browse through the selection in our flyer builder.

If you are promoting products, it seems obvious, but it’s essential to include product photography in the flyer design. For brands with low to medium market penetration, illustrations or descriptions of products are not enough. Show people exactly what you’re offering with professional photos that best represent the quality.

3. Use Color Blocking to Separate Content

If you have a variety of information to include in your business flyers, you’ll need to separate it out not only with text headings, but also with design. An easy way to do this is with color blocking, a style available in many Costco Business Printing flyer templates, or you can upload your custom design.

Color blocking breaks down the content of your flyer in easy-to-read sections and it leads the eye around the design. Balance your color blocks with white space and photography.

Keep in mind that while your blocks don’t have to be straight vertical (rounded and angular blocking works as well), the shapes used should be consistent throughout the design.

4. Less Is More for Many Flyer Designs

Although a flyer size is capable of holding a lot of information, remember that it doesn’t have to in order to achieve its purpose. Less can be more, at least on one side of your flyer design.

For example, use the front of your flyer design to reel people in with a bold hook statement and a simple graphic on a minimalistic design. Then, turn intrigue into action on the back side of the flyer, where you describe the top five benefits that your company provides, and follow it with a clear call to action.

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5. Can Your Flyer Design Have Built-In Value? 

A beautiful flyer design with informative content is great already, but can you take it a step further by adding some incentive? For example, add a promotional offer that’s only available through the flyers (don’t forget to include an expiration date).

In food or retail industries, consider designing your flyer into a set of coupons, available to redeem in the coming weeks. The value-filled flyer will be added to household fridges and bulletin boards right away, a daily reminder of your business.

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With any print marketing materials that you create, be sure to always put yourself in the shoes of a potential consumer. You only have a small chance to be seen and heard, so make it count.


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