Posted on Jan 23, 2019

5 Ways to Thank Your Customers

Customers are the foundation of success for any industry. When businesses are focused on generating leads and daily operations, they often forget to step back and thank their customers. A genuine “thank you” is incredibly powerful – it supports customer retention, increased profits, and keeps your customers happy. 

Don’t wait until Customer Appreciation Week to show customers that you value and care about them.  Check out these five ways to thank your customers and take action to develop your own customer appreciation strategy.

1. Send a Sincere Thank You Note

When customers receive an order in the mail, they’re expecting the package to come with the product, some bubble wrap, and an invoice. Make your business stand out by including a personalized thank you card with the purchase.

Use quality stationery that reflects your brand, like professionally designed postcards. If you can, personally address your customer by using their name, referencing their order and being specific about how they bring value to your business. It’s a simple gesture that goes a long way – customers notice the extra effort you put in to express your gratitude, turning a business transaction into something tangible and meaningful.

Thank Your Customers, Thank You Card 1

2. Rewards and Promotions Based on Their Purchase Behavior

People love it when others remember the little things about them, and customers are no different. There are numerous methods and sources to collect customer data – whether it’s through your digital data analytics program, an online survey or in-store transaction records. Customer data helps businesses understand the customer on an individual level and tailor the shopping experience and marketing strategy to them.

By gathering demographic and psychographic data, you can incentivize your customers with personalized gifts and special offers. Whether it’s a free gift for your subscriber's birthday or an unlocked promotion for all return customers who have purchased a select product or service in the last six months, it shows that your business is paying attention.

This strengthens the relationship with your customers and demonstrates that you genuinely listen. Share the reward or promotion using custom postcards or company-branded letterhead for a professional look.

3. Launch a Loyalty Program

Acknowledge your customers’ continued support by inviting them into a loyalty program with exclusive rewards. They can earn points to spend on the products they’ve been eyeing, receive valuable discounts or store credit. These programs can be free or paid. 

Consider whether a subscription-based loyalty program works for your business, wherein members pay a small annual fee to unlock exclusive member perks. That initial investment encourages customers to shop frequently with you to validate the membership fee. 

Make it professional by sending your loyalty program communications in customized envelopesInclude a free sample or high-quality product imagery with loyalty members' purchases to enhance the customer experience, attract additional interest and upsell your products. 

Thank Your Customers, Loyalty Program 1

4. Host Events for VIP Customers

Create a VIP experience for your customers with an invite-only event. This could include holding a special sale after normal store hours where customers get exclusive access to newly released products and services – or plan a conference that adds professional value.

A few things to consider when organizing an event:

  • Entertainment: bring in local musicians to play
  • Refreshments: partner with restaurants to provide drinks and hors d’oeuvres
  • Decorations: include balloons, a photo booth and banners for brand recognition
  • Prizes: give out free company swag, gift baskets or tickets to a nearby attraction

Hosting an event may get expensive – but if it fits your budget, it’s a worthwhile way to show customers how much they mean to you. You’ll have the opportunity to personally meet and learn about the customers who drive your business, encouraging guests to build connections with you and other loyal customers.

Thank Your Customers, VIP Event 1

5. Feature Your Customers

Foster a positive relationship with customers by featuring them on your social media channels and marketing materials, like LinkedIn, Facebook and physical business flyers. Share a Q&A session or testimonial of how they benefit from your business. Not only will current and prospective customers refer to this information when making purchase decisions – but they’ll also appreciate your brand’s authenticity.

Shine the spotlight on your customers by promoting their businesses to your social network. Show off the work of a hairdresser on your Instagram, or write about an emerging tech company in a blog. You’ll help them gain exposure and grow their audience – they’ll definitely come back to do business with you!

Now that you understand the importance of customer appreciation, practice expressing gratitude to the people in your everyday life – your employees, friends, family and of course, your customers.


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